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Do I Love Photography? + GALLERY

Oh yes, I do!

I have always loved photography. Who can not to like beautiful and fantastic pictures? I think we all do!

I remember taking photos by myself in grade school, when I was on a class trip to Latvia. I have a lot of photos in my ''physical album'' of that trip, which were taken with some kind of compact film camera. But it all started earlier. I remember playing models with my friend, we built up our own ''home studio'' from sheets and pillows. Also I loved to photograph my bet, a white rabbit with red eyes. Being a bit naught, I even took pictures of book images, because I loved pictures so much! Still do!

Later, when I got my first digital camera and phone with camera, I couldn't believe! I was so happy to take photos of my everyday life and events. I have no idea how many photos I have in my computer, but it's surely 50 000+. Travelling, kids, nature, buildings, animals, events, etc. Sometimes it's nice to relax and look back... :)

+ I also love filming with my cameras!

What about you? Do you love taking photos? If you have memories from childhood or something else that is interesting to share (related to photography), leave comment below! I would love to read your story!

Below you will find a little gallery (autoplay) of pictures I've taken in last few years.

Enjoy my friend!

NB! All these photos are taken by me, to use some of them on your website/blog, please contact me first. :)



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